22 September, 2018

4 steps to overcome depression and feel complete

Hey good morning to everyone; I'm Rosemarie from Yoga Rose NAMAHA... I want to share the steps to follow when we feel depressed or victimized: The first step to follow when we are in this state is Thankfulness: be grateful for being alive...
3 April, 2019

Rose’s Life Story

Hello, good morning everyone, I’m Rosemary from Yoga Rose Namaha and today I wanted to share my story. Well, I was educated in Argentina and a few years ago I established with my husband at that time Alejandro Galluccio, The yoga retreat Vida Asana. That had a period of total success and I was very happy, the truth is it was my dream come true, Vida Asana was my dream come true. And I’m totally grateful and happy for all the beautiful people that I met. In a moment in which, in which we were having a difficult situation in […]